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Decaffeinated Green Coffee Beans

While our decaffeinated green coffee beans may have less caffeine, that doesn’t mean they lack in flavor! Our range is sourced from around the world and are just as flavorful as any other coffee bean we offer.

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How Decaffeinated Coffee Is Made

Most current decaffeination processes rid the beans of caffeine without a loss of flavor. Coffee can be decaffeinated by two main sources - chemicals and water. However, at Coffee Bean Corral, we only source water processed decaf beans. Our customers think it tastes better, and it's just as effective as the chemical method.

The water processing method is the only natural way of decaffeinating beans, and is more formally known as the Swiss Water Process (SWP) or the Mountain Water Process (MWP).

Best Selling Decaf Coffee from Coffee Bean Corral

Give one of our best-selling decafs a try and see if you can tell they’re decaf. We bet they'll taste as good as your fully-caffeinated favorite!

  • Bali Hai Organic Decaf Indonesian Blend - This Organic coffee is Swiss Water Processed (SWP). It is a very mellow coffee with muted earthy and fruity tones. It’s prevalent caramel flavor carries through the entire cup, making it a perfect treat after dinner. This coffee promises to carry you off to sweet dreams with no caffeine to keep you up.
  • Guatemala Organic Decaf - This decaf coffee has everything you can feel good about. It’s a fair trade coffee that is organically grown and Mountain Water Processed (MWP). And, you will love the flavor! Again, there is no telling that this is actually a decaffeinated coffee. It’s a high acid, full bodied, highly complex coffee with notes of chocolate, fruit, and mild lemon. You will love this bold and well balanced coffee because it’s a cup you can still enjoy even when you can’t add any more caffeine into your day.

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