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Nailing down your favorite roasts or brews? Roasting and cupping journals are exactly what you need. Refine your roasts one batch at a time, cupping them and keeping detailed notes. Anyone can roast a good batch of coffee once or twice, but consistency is what makes a great roaster.

What is a Coffee Journal?

Whether you’re roasting coffee yourself or attempting to taste different roasts at all the local coffee shops in your area, it can be easy to forget the specifics of your favorite coffees. You need a way of keeping track of the flavor notes, mouthfeel, and aroma of the best brews if you’re ever going to replicate them. This is where a coffee journal comes in handy. These handy, ready-made maps are just waiting for you to fill them out, so you can actually record and remember your coffee-heaven experiences and return whenever you want.

Cupping Journal

The 33 Coffees journal is a pocket-sized journal with easy, fill-in-the-blank pages that let you enjoy your coffee while recording a few basic facts about the cup. The flavor wheel on every page lets you easily record the coffee tasting notes. Whether it’s your own brew, or a cup from a local shop, you can remember the flavor profile with the flip of a page. And, you can impress all your other coffee geek friends with your enviable efficiency.

Roasting Journal

The 33 Roasts journal is a unique roasting log that helps you keep track of all of your favorite roasts in one compact, convenient place. Its lay-flat design is easy to use and compact (only 5x7 inches). But, don’t be fooled by its simple design. It was created with professionals in mind yet is straightforward enough for home roasters. It includes a table for logging the time and temperatures of your roast. You can record gas (or power), airflow, and bean temps at key milestones in your roast. That little table is then the visual map that will get you back to the perfect roast once you’ve achieved it.

Whether it’s a simple cup, or a full-on roast, these little books will help you record the highlights of your coffee journey, so you can return time and again.

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