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Rancher Sample Program

Explore The World’s Coffees

At Rancher, our mission is to provide you with fresh, green coffee beans from around the world. But we also want to give you the chance to explore all the different coffees out there. That’s why Ranchers get free sample packs with their purchases of wholesale green coffee beans.

So, consider this your reminder to grab your coffee bean sample with your next purchase. It’s time to broaden your coffee experience and discover new flavor profiles and new coffee beans.

At the same time, the sample program wasn’t created so you could get an extra couple pounds of your normal coffee order for free. Instead, use the sample beans to get out of your coffee comfort zone.

Discover Different Taste Profiles

Ready to learn more about the world’s coffees? You can read up on the history of coffee in each country, as well as the coffee bean’s flavor profile on the Coffee Bean Corral blog. Discover what countries use which processing methods and learn how their unique growing methods cultivate wildly unique green coffee beans. So, are you ready to try something new?

How To Add Free Samples To Your Order

Let’s get started! On every green coffee bean product page, you’ll see a ‘Free Sample’ option. Select your sample, add to the cart, and repeat if you are in one of the higher Rancher tiers. Checkout like normal.

To get your samples, you must add them to your cart before checking out. You can’t add them afterwards. You also must add a different coffee bean sample than your main purchase. For example, if you’re purchasing 10lb. of Costa Rica: La Magnolia, Tres Rios, you can’t add a sample of Costa Rica: La Magnolia, Tres Rios to your order. Remember, this is a chance to try new flavors and coffees from around the world. Take advantage of it and discover something new!

Now, it’s time to try some coffee!

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Sample Program

The FREE sample program was created to give you the chance to explore all the different coffees from around the world. Get out of your coffee comfort zone with free samples.

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