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Ethiopia Queen City Harrar


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Aroma with hints of cherry, dark chocolate, and dried fruit. The taste is the same, but overtly wild and earthy with excellent balance.

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  • CategoryConventional
  • CountryEthiopia
  • Local RegionHarari People's Regional State
  • ProcessNatural
  • VarietyEthiopian heirloom
  • Altitude (meters)1,800 meters
  • HarvestOctober-December
  • Organic CertificationNo
  • Fair Trade CertifiedNo
  • Rainforest Alliance CertifiedNo
  • DecaffeinatedNo
Retail Price $8.25 / lb
Starting at $7.55 / lb
As low as $7.12 / lb
raw green bean Green coffee is raw Roast prior to consumption



Harrar is known as "the coffee of kings," grown in the original coffee country and dried naturally on the trees. This adds a wildness to the cup which is also spicy, fruity and flowery, quite complex. This coffee is versatile, with something good to offer across the entire roast spectrum. Some compare it to Mocca; I call it a work of art...with an attitude.

The aroma will get your attention first: hints of cherry, dark chocolate, and dried fruit (pairs VERY well with a nice granola!). The taste is what your nose has prepared you for, but overtly wild and earthy with excellent balance. The outstanding fruitiness is still there in great measure, but the lower-tones of chocolate and earth really compliment it more than any Harar in recent memory. Its brightness really shines while it's still hot but does ebb as the temperature cools, especially in darker roasts.

Try before you stock up with a 3lb or 5lb sample!!

Customer Reviews

Average Rating
October 7, 2020

Just roasted the entire half pound bag through first crack. It is absolutely heavenly. Not as over-the-top fruity as the Yirgaffe, but complex, smooth, and full bodied. I will buy a much bigger bag of this next time.

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September 14, 2020

My favorite coffee by far, too bad I bought 60 # of other coffees before I found Queen City Harrar.

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June 26, 2020

Having tried lots of other coffees, I've settled on Harari. For a year or more, I haven't bought anything else. I haven't liked other coffees nearly as well, so I've decided in my old age to stick with Harari coffee as long as it is available. Life is simpler that way (and also very good). CBC's service is excellent. An Uber drive from Ethiopia was surprised when I told him that Harari coffee is available in the U.S., and wanted to contact Coffee Bean Corral as soon as I told him about it. I hope he and other Ethiopians in the U.S. don't stampede and buy up all the Harari coffee at CBC (hence my remark above "as long as it is available.") I prefer a dark roast with this coffee. Rich and chocolaty.

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June 19, 2020

I was pan roasting this and while it was good, it wasn't THAT good. I built a drum roaster and my first success was with the Queen City Harrar. NOW I get it! I drank some fifteen minutes ago, and the "finish" still hasn't finished! Lovely dark chocolaty aftertaste that faded into cinnamon just lingers and lingers. If you nail the sweet spot with this, it is incredible. I turned off the burner two minutes into 1C and let it coast through the end of the crack, then quickly cooled it down. Ran a small shot through the Aeropress right away and was blown away.

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June 15, 2020

Oh how I long for the blueberry bombs of the past Harar Horse varietal. Was hoping with this issue but alas, it's just a very good Ethiopian. Granted coffee is an agricultural crop that varies often from year to year, so I will re-order this in the future, but it is only in my top ten picks. Make sure to let rest after roasting. Much needed improvement after three days.

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June 3, 2020

This is one of our favorite coffees! At a dark roast this has a beautiful chocolate finish that is absolutely delicious! Roasted at a lighter roast the fruitiness comes through with a mild bitterness. Our favorite roast is definitely darker roast with these beans.

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May 28, 2020

The coffee beans were perfect and they roasted nicely, and evenly. It's no joke that there is a slight blueberry taste on the backend. Very very delicious. I plan to make another purchase very soon of this coffee as it has become my favorite. Not too strong, and definitely not weak. It is just right when roasted between City+ and Full City....but definitely not into the 2nd crack. Anyway. I loved the coffee and it will become my staple coffee to serve when I have guests over.

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April 14, 2020

this is as it is described, we have enjoyed finding good harrar coffee again. I hope you will keep this as one of your regular offerings.

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February 15, 2020

The taste is good as described, but there are alot of defects,

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August 30, 2019

Great roast from one of my favorite regions. I've been looking for good harrar for years and this fits the bill.

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